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What is zWEBBOOKS? is a social platform that lets you buy and interactively read books online using any web browser on any Internet-enabled device (smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers). You don't need to download or install any apps. Simply login to access your books from anywhere, anytime.

Go beyond just reading. When you buy a book at, you can add personal notes as you read, collaborate with other readers (e.g. friends, co-workers), and even download worksheets and forms. helps you implement the lessons taught in a book -- it's an ideal platform for training purposes.

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for book READERS

Read through your favorite book if that's all you want; and if you desire to go deeper into its topics, lets you add notes, collaborate with others, and download forms and worksheets you can print for offline use. You can conveniently access your zWEBBOOKS anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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for book AUTHORS

Whether you publish 1 or large catalog of books, if any of your books is the kind that readers can implement in their day-to-day lives, their businesses, or in school, you will find zWEBBOOKS to be the perfect platform for your book. Accessible anytime, anywhere, zWEBBOOKS helps your readers implement your topics.

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Businesses / Schools

Business owners, managers, and staff can, collaboratively, learn lessons taught in a book at This is an ideal platform for schools and training organizations where students can study and notate lessons learned, which they can share with other students and teachers. Businesses can do online seminars.


How to BUY a book from zWEBBOOKS?

As a reader, you buy zWEBBOOKS directly from links provided at the book sellers' or authors' websites. For each book, you will see a BUY NOW button similar to the one shown below this text. Simply click to purchase with credit card. After payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with your login credentials.


How to ADD a book to zWEBBOOKS?

As a book seller, author, or publisher, you must first apply for a zWEBBOOKS account through any of our book publishing partners. Once your account is approved and in good standing, you can add unlimited number of books to Depending on book genre and length, zWEBBOOKS will suggest price ranges you can charge for each book. The financial split per book sale is: 55% (book seller) / 45% (zWEBBOOKS).

How to Setup Online Training

Do you want to offer online training or seminars based on your book? We can help through ROGEE Institute. For a financial split of 65% (book seller/organization) and 35% (zWEBBOOKS) for each attendee, plus a one-time setup of $499, we will provide you or your organization with the premium version of zWEBBOOKS where each book buyer or seminar attendee will have a unique login; we'll provide a phone system that can take up to 950 connections; and we will help convert your book to an online training manual that you can use during your sessions. All you'll have to do is promote your seminar or training dates/times. Click the logo to see examples of live training courses at

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